Consulting & Training


We all know that IT Solutions can be an expensive exercise and finding the right resources for the job is sometimes even harder than deciding to start the project.

This is where our consultants can provide you with the right skill set for the job at hand. We provide the people you need when you need them and since we know that an IT solution requires many different people with different backgrounds it is usually impossible to employ them on a permanent basis, but since we only make use of consultants ourselves we can get you the people you need throughout your project.

Once you have decided to make use of our consulting services we will come in an assess your requirements, plan the resource requirement and from there we can layout the plan to kick-off your project.


If you are undertaking a project to rewrite your current application or moving onto a new technology but lack the knowledge or technical skills, we can help you train your staff.

With on-site or one-on-one training we will help you get up to speed with new technology trends or just get your staff to understand the technology they use by helping them with an existing project or new planned rewrites. Our current training includes:

  • Progress OpenEdge (GUI.Net, OO, Database management)
  • Microsoft .Net Suite