Company profile

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Company Profile

Who are we

MadEdge Software  is an owner based software development company specialising in the development and consulting services in a variety of industries.

Where do we come from

The company was founded in 2009 by Mark Davies, he has been in the IT industry since 1993 and has seen his fare share of failed and successful projects. He has been involved with Progress OpenEdge and related products since 1994 and has been one of the early adopters of the Progress released framework called Progress Dynamics and has done a lot of the development of this product himself.

Our philosophy

It is our philosophy that IT is they key to any company’s success and as software designers and developers we can make any business far more efficient when the correct implementation has been followed. It is with this in mind that we have decided to move our expertise to a new company specialising in just that and with the network of people we have built over the years we attempt to employ a better strategy when approaching any IT project.

With and ever-changing technology it is important to always have the right skill in your IT department and getting them up-to-speed is never an easy task. Over the years we have found that IT consultants, usually the best in their field, are the ones that keep themselves up-to-date with the latest technology and they are usually seeking the best in themselves and the clients they consult to. With this in mind we have set out to find the real IT people on offer and with this breed of people we have decided to offer an over-all solution with only the best skill set.

Our current expertise involve

  •  - Development of full fledged desktop and web-based applications
  •  - Development of integration applications with a variety of solutions
  •  - Technical requirement analysis
  •  - Database and Application Management
  •  - Application Modernisation
  •  - Website development
  •  - Website hosting solutions
  •  - Mobile Application Development

We have been involved in the development of some of the following applications

  •  - Point-Of-Sale – Stock management and sales
  •  - Administration of claims and benefit payments
  •  - Financial administration – Debits/Credits and GL
  •  - Framework development in Progress OpenEdge
  •  - Contribution and Benefit administration
  •  - Automotive products and parts sales and management
  •  - Logistics and Warehouse management
  •  - Barcode printing and scanning
  •  - Member management
  •  - Integration services for fleet management
  •  - Product license life-cycle and management
  •  - System administration for Windows / Linux / Unix
  •  - Set up and implementation of EasyAsk business intelligence tool

In the press

Following are two links detailing some of the achievements Mark Davies has made during his time in the Progress community while employed by some of the Progress partners in South Africa:

Development of Progress Dynamics during his time at MIP – Brainstorm Magazine (2003)

Development of integration between EasyAsk and FreightWare at Dovetail Business Solutions – Computing SA (2008).